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not bad if i do say so





thing you could add, on mouse hover over knight, highlight possible moves, on mouse hover over bishops, highlight where you would need to be to take that bishop

that's a nice idea, thank you i will add it ;)


I think I could go on for quite awhile so I stopped. Fun game :)

Fun things to add would be combo's for grabbing multiple pieces. Also bonus for removing all bishops. When you get close to 10 maybe some sort of audience noise with cheering when pull off a combo to get back down to < 8. Maybe also a timer that works like a chess clock that counts down and only increases each move. Just stuff I thought of as I played the game. Cheers!

thank you, will keep it in mind while updating it , edited the page and updated the score , congrats

I can't reach this score myself :D , good progress

My little brother's result
save his name as : Kemoz

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that is a very fun game

thanks pal ^^

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Fun game.

Thank You <

How did you do that ??? xD 

I play a lot of chess, so I'm good at seeing where to move.

You nailed it xD


Simple yet fun and satisfactory, I love it

thank you <3 , i'm glad you loved it


What a fun game!

thank you <

good idea and nice implementation . but you need to make the difficulty increase somehow

yes , soon will make it isa.thank you <3

Nice game! It would be cool if there was some sort of score multiplier for consecutive captures or something. I played it for quite a while though, it was fun :)

thank you ! i will add it in the next update alongside a hard mode with move timer and some visual effects for the game <3

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How did you get that really cool wave effect when you capture bishops btw? I also use Godot

Edit: Got a new highscore!

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Knight OP, pls nerf.

It's pretty fun, but i think it would be even more fun if you could somehow play against other people. But you can't just let player 2 place the bishops where ever they want... So rules would have to be tweaked maybe?

nice idea but it will need some time to think how it should work ;)

my first time playing

Loved it. Does the game increases the difficulty during the play? Or the bishop spawn are all random?


it's all random , i may add more types of game-play and hard mode with timer later , thank you <3

A fun little game. It would be nice to have a timer counting down each turn to limit thinking time, maybe even with less time per turn from certain milestones.

i was thinking about the timer but many beginners will need to take their time to think before moving , later i can add hard mode with timer for real challenge , thank you <3


I love the fact that you can play this online, and you published it for all platforms, keep up the great work <3

Thank you so much for your support <3