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[ Panels - Buttons - Nine Patch Rectangles - Text Buttons - Progress Bars - Text Boxes - Icons ] 

Everything you may need for Creating Pixel Art Menus and Interfaces .

free to use for any purpose .

please rate this asset on the top right corner , this will make me happy ;)

Credit me if you like [ it's optional ] , Thanks .

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Color Palette : https://lospec.com/palette-list/endesga-32

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AuthorMounir Tohami
TagsPixel Art, User Interface (UI)


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so pretty<3

Thanks, I will use in my mini game. and credit you.

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Can i put it on my game? (i'll credit you )

"free to use for any purpose ." in short- yes . you can this has CC0 license or public domain so yes. yes you can.

Can I sell my game using your asset?


Thank you! Used in my simple game while learning game dev :)



you're welcome ^^



I use that

i love it!


I love this, it's very nice and I'm using it for an upcoming game jam, I just want to get a bit a bit prepared and this is perfect :D


I love this asset pack, im using it for my lawn mowing game. thank you very much for making this

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Hi can someone advice how folks are using this and slicing the gui? For example on some games I see the boxes being scaled, how does someone do that?

How does someone use the portrait and the health bars without the coins?

to scale we use nine-patch rects, this pack has all the textures that you may need for game UI, you just need to edit them or to slice them to fit your game.


Thanks Mounir! Appreciate your response so much!

Hi there, thanks for making such cool pixel art styled GUI assets! We have used some of this packs contents in our new 2D tower defence game titled TD Town, which can be found here!


Hi there, I used this gui asset pack in RogueClick, a game that I just released yesterday! You can try it out for free here on itch.io or on Steam!



If you enjoyed the free version, it would be a huge help if you bought the full version and left a positive review! Thanks for the incredible art!



Thank you so much 
so hard to find any that are free

Awesome I will use this to my game


very cool fits a rpg nicely!! I will use this in my game but edit it a bit to more match my color pallet of my game!! I will credit you! Keep up these amazing assets! 

thank you ^^


I'm going to credit you

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La verdad me gusta este tipo de fuentes. Un tipo de estes es usado por Alva Majo en su juego Shipped

Click here to play Shipped


Hey! Muy buenos los assets.

Una pregunta que fuente (nombre), usaste en esta página?


Hello, I have used your asset in my game. added your name to the credits. If you don't want me to use your resources, I can delete the assets. (Sorry for the translation)

Steam İtch Moddb


feel free to use it in any kind of projects :), good luck


I've used your UI in my project here!

nice work ;) keep it up


Hi thanks for the UI but my I suggest you making a singular sprites for each one than just making it all in one picture it saves time than just slicing them up my self but any ways thanks!

Thanks for the awesome UI. I used some of it in my game.

Feel free to take a look :)


nice work¡

thanks <3

hi, this is a cool asset pack, can i use it for an game?

feel free to do it , it's yours <3

mua <3

This is what I was looking for!

I'm happy you found it :)

it's perfect, thanks

You're Welcome ;)

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hi, this is a cool asset pack, can i use it for an game?

Sure , You are free to use and edit it .