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A downloadable pixelart tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

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Standalone tool for easily creating sprite sheets for pixel art games.

Purchasing it will allow you to download all the new updates of v1.x for free.

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Buy Now
On Sale!
40% Off
$5.00 $3.00 USD or more

In order to download this pixelart tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $3 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Pixel Character Creator v1.1 Win 8 MB
Pixel Character Creator v1.1 Mac 14 MB
Pixel Character Creator v1.1 Linux 7 MB

Development log


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I want to buy this is there anyway i can pay with debit
btw the software looks awesome cant wait to try it

you can by creating a paypal account and add your debit to it and buy from itchio using paypal


Awesome little software that's really useful and made with my favorite little engine!

I used this to create some character art for a game jam I host
[created included of course :)]


This looks super cool and polished! Great work!

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thank you so much, i'm one of your fans and it's a pleasure to see your name on the page ๐Ÿ’™ it was inspired by your tool pixel dudes maker


I get this error on Linux:

./PixelCharacterCreator_v1.1.x86: /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBC_2.29' not found (required by ./PixelCharacterCreator_v1.1.x86)
./PixelCharacterCreator_v1.1.x86: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ version `GLIBCXX_3.4.26' not found (required by ./PixelCharacterCreator_v1.1.x86)

try this solution from

Basically, just do the following commands: Firstly, install:

sudo apt-get install libstdc++6

This should already be installed by default, but try it anyway. If it doesn't solve it, just do the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-toolchain-r/test sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

I didn't perform the "dist-upgrade" command, but the ones before solved it for me

That didn't work. Did you compile it for 64 bits on Linux?

I ended up downloading the Windows version and running it with wine.

yes, but it should work for both x64 and x86, which dist are u using and version?

I'm using Ubuntu 18.04

Hi, enjoying this tool so far and really appreciate the work you've put into it.

I have a couple issues, first, I'm just not sure what the "Do" button does, if it does anything, as far as I know it's just kind of there, could you clarify?

Second, after playing around with the settings I realize there's no way to revert to the defaults, besides maybe restarting the program and/or deleting anything saved to the data folder. Would appreciate a more straightforward way of doing this.

Last is not an issue per se, but do you have any plans to support exporting characters in bulk?

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Do Button was a Shorten of Apply because the button size was small in V1.0 and i couldn't write Longer Names , and it do nothing except when you write a value it confirms it and removes the focus of the line edit button, and to revert the setting you can press "open data folder" button from settings , then you will find two files in the data folder , one for saved settings and the other for palettes , deleting the palettes file will reset all the palettes to default , and same for settings. last , i don't know what do u mean by in bulk, but if you mean by choosing a number of random characters to generate and export all at once then maybe i could add this later . thank you :)


On Mac OS X Big Sur.  Tried all the solutions below, tried all that I could find online (and there are about 7 different ways).  They do not work.  Please prepare this application for Mac OS X Big Sur as well as Catalina and below.  I'd love to actually use it.

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extract the app in your Applications directory, then paste this in terminal "cd /Applications/" and press Enter , it should change your directory to /Applications/ , if true then paste this in terminal "chmod -R +x" this will change permission for the folder to Read/Write/Execute, then paste this "sudo spctl --master-disable" and try to double click the app again . if it doesn't work then paste this "chmod 755 /Applications/" and try to run the app again , it should work now and you should enable your master again by pasting this command "sudo spctl --master-enable" , please reply to this comment if the problem was solved , thank you :)

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if all of this didn't work try to install it from terminal as super user "sudo /Applications/"

OK!  Worked - this is different than every method I have tried.   I'd put this 'in' the page somewhere - big and bold - so everybody sees it right away.  Thank you!

Deleted 51 days ago
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thank You! :) <3

Quick question since I just purchased this about 10 minutes ago. Now I may be messing something up somewhere, some how but when i select the export folder and Export; it doesn't. I open the folder and its empty. Am I missing something? -thanks

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which OS are you using ?

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it may be a permission issue if you are trying to save in protected OS folders , try run as administrator to make it work, else try to save the files in your documents folder or any other partition

That's exactly what it is. It doesn't allow me to select Documents as my exporting folder but it saves them directly to my C: drive  if I run as admin.

better you create a folder in D: and renames it Sprites then choose it as the default and press [Ctrl S] or navigate to C:/Users/Username/Documents and choose it as the default folder , you can't save to C:/ or to any other folder in C:/ without permission but it doesn't apply to User folders

Thanks for the heads up I appreciate all the feedback. Just set it up proper, thanks again.

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Great tool for quickly getting pixel art going! Lots of variations for colors. I have a few feature requests below. I know they might be a lot of extra work, but they could vastly increase purchases of the app and its usability :)

Id also be willing to donate more and I'm sure future users wouldn't mind paying a bit more if some of the below features were added :)

Feature Requests:

  1. Ability to add custom animations maybe they can pull from a folder with a generic animations and they're applied to all the characters once added to the folder.
  2. If No. 1 isn't possible, anyway to add extra animations: attack, block,  duck, roll, possibly others I cannot think of right now.
  3. Maybe a generic weapons list to choose from, guns, bows, swords, axes, etc, then once one is selected it can be applied to the character and animations?
  4. If No. 3 is possible, maybe some animations for those weapons? :D I think they main thing people would love to see is just a nice list of animations that they can tweak. Most people buying this tool are probably not artists and don't want to spend time learning to animate!

Will add more as I use the tool more :)


(2 edits) (+2)

1 - isn't possible , as the style is a layer , hands is a layer and body is a layer , so for each new animations more than 100 sprites will be edited , so users can't make custom animation but i can do it for them.

2 - attack, roll, duck, hurt are possible for me to add on the next version , will also separate the hands layer for them on export to be possible.

3 - weapons are possible now because on the last 2 versions i was only focusing on the core programming not the art.

4 - weapons animation will be separated from the sprite animation , so for each exported character i will generate 1 layer for body and hair, another for right hand if the weapon is left handed , and another for weapon which will include the [ idle - run - attack ] animations for the weapons.

for 2 handed weapons like guns , heavy weapons the hands layer will be hidden and will only export the body and hair as a single layer and the weapon [ run - idle - attack ] as a second layer, also effects for weapons may be included on the same weapon layer as a trail for melee attacks and shoot effect for the ranged attacks , for weapons like bows or spears they wont have an effect for shooting but the arrow or the spear will have it as a hit animation.

also i would like to see more features requests from users to make this app even better on the next updates , thank you


@Mounir Tohami thank you for the swift reply.

Can't wait to the progress made! Thanks again!!


Very cool. I was just playing around with it on my Mac.  Worked great, can't wait to see how this tool progress

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thank you , just updated it , hope you like it


How to install on Mac?

When unzipped it just says as a .app but no way to open it. 


Thanks to the help of Mounir, this is all now working!

FYI, Mac version doesn't work.

Even in the settings & privacy I'm unable to give it permission to open.

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You need to Install it from your admin account to normal system Applications folder, will make it available to all users. please report if it works , it was tested already on a retina macbook pro 10.15.x os version and reported that it's working.


Deleted 70 days ago
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download the current version and extract in Applications folder then paste this in terminal "sudo spctl --master-disable" then go to you settings - Security and Privacy - allow apps downloaded from and choose 'App Store and Identified developers' then paste this in terminal"sudo /Applications/" and it should work now


To make it work here I had to give execution permission from terminal to  "/Applications/" using the command chmod 755 and after allowing the MacOS execute it with the button "Open Anyway" in   settings - Security and Privacy

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great update.

when exporting sprite sheet in  sequence it doesn't work it says file saved but nothing is there.

(3 edits)

just experienced this one minute ago , you will need to choose the export folder once before exporting image sequence , also i will update it in 5 mins with a newer version , third time i fix bugs and reupload , sorry for that

Download again

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thnx :)


I bought it yesterday and it saved my life. It is a great work! I am waiting for new updates ^^

updated it but i see bugs after every release and then i fix and re upload , just wait some hours and you can come and download it 

where is the update? D: I went to the link where I downloaded Pixel Character but no new files appeared? I have to buy it again ????

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no , i didn't release it yet , will release on the same page and i will update it , then will post a devlog of the updates and a video tutorial instead of the many gifs , this will happens after few hours , need to test it and build the engine from source again because there's an annoying bug

ok and I am: fan you can add me in discord pls i love you and i want participate in the project :D (BlueOctopus#8716)

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sent you a friend request

yayyy :D

I have a bug, whatever I put in the visualization of the character (idle, run ect ...) when I do "export" it exports me all the time my perssonage under the death animation

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the animation is just for preview , you export all animations , but don't worry , i will release the new version today

how I can transform my .png file into .gif file with a tool integrated in the software or an external tool

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use libresprite or aseprite - import sprite sheet , set the fixed width and height to 24x24 then press ok , then you can save as .gif ,Also Scaling the sprite to x4 or x6 is recommended before exporting.

I can be a beta tester please I love your software and I can give you constructive criticism ๐Ÿ™, I have discord if you want (i am french i use google translate :/)

it's still a tiny tool and i try to test everything i code regularly , thank you <3

no please I insist !!! ๐Ÿ˜


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maybe in 3 days


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This is fricking AMAZING! I always had trouble with character design. Question before I buy it... Can I use this in commercial games?

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yes you can , the license is in the screenshots , only you can't share the standalone or the exported sprite sheets with anyone , but you can use it for commercial and personal projects , also you can use it in opensource games but you should mention that they can't use the characters sprite sheets , thank you.

also follow me here to never miss the free updates 

this looks cool, I just bought it.  But it looks like it won't run a a Mac.  Or is there a way to make it work on a Mac? 

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try wine it will run the windows version on mac, also will release mac version the next update


Just want to say what a wonderful tool you've created! Can't wait for the future releases. I'll be happy to contribute to the project again :)

(4 edits) (+1)

thank you , making so much changes for V1.1 , made better UI and created more 40 styles , also will make better save and load for each palette separately and more export properties , also will add weapons and later on i will add a tileset and UI elements customization , so it saves as much time as it can in game jams. and may create some robots and enemies customization too. glad you liked it , would be happy if you rated it

Rated ;) 

v1.1 sounds super exiting! I'll fore sure check it out when it releases.


thank you , you can follow me here for releases feed and on twitter for progress tweets to stay updated


Your Tool is really cool and useful, but I'm having a problem with arranging the images in the right way. Could you add like a picture, where it shows which images make up which animation? That would be neat!

(2 edits)

working on V1.1 atm , will allow you to choose which animations you want to export and will arrange each animation on a single row , currently the first 4 frames are "idle" , the next 6 frames are "run" , the next 6 frames are "jump" , the remaining frames are "die".

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Thank you very much <3


What a neat little tool! I will have some fun with and good use for it.

thank you <3


Is it related to pixeldudesmaker by 0x72?
Looks very similar...

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The idea was inspired from pixeldudesmaker by 0x72 , but i made it from ground Using Godot Engine.


Will there be a Mac version in the future?

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having troubles with the mac version rn , but it's gonna be released with v1.1 for testing.

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Mac version is available now ;)

(2 edits) (+3)

i thought i can export styles as a separate layers , or at least  making the other parts transparent . but i cant that the only reason why i bought this.

 :( well i still can edit it after exporting  but its tedious

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i will enable this in the upcoming versions , just follow me here and you will be notified whenever i post a new update , you will be able to download all the updates for v1.x which i will post on the same page , thank you 


awesome man, i appreciate that , thanks 


Just a small and easy fix in the desktop Icon. I suggest changing It. I get confused if Iโ€™m clicking on Godot or your app. This link has a easy way to do that. 

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already fixed it yesterday , thank you so much <3


This is fun to play with. Good, job. I love it.

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thank you ๐Ÿ’™

If you make a way to edit these sprites it could go a long way. 

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I know I can save the sprite sheet and edit it, but if I could make small changes in the sprite and it turns out in the sprite sheet or create my own styles on the hair and cloths to save in the program. Id pay $50 for it.  You have a good start. I can't wait to see where you take this. Thumbs up.

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thank you so much , i will try to plan for it but keep in mind that it's so hard for me atm because am still learning a lots of things <3


Will there be a Mac version in the future? This is great!

yes , but it will require some time to build the export template for it on linux , will dig on it , but currently you can run the linux version on mac and it will be lite cuz linux don't consume much ram as windows , and i will do my best to provide it the next update 

Great, thanks!

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Mac version is available now ;)



very awesome. thanks. ill use for my first runner game

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thanks , feel free to share your game here after finishing it , good luck <3

also don't forget to follow me here to never miss a free update 


I just bought this.


Needs to have some way of me being able to draw my own custom shapes, would make this a really powerful character editor if I could customize the character with my own custom shapes.

i will draw more styles for v1.1 because i didn't find an artist to join me , i will make a discord server the next time i update the app and will discuss it with users because it may be complicated with current UI


Looks nice!
How many animations does the app have? I saw the jump button, so is it "walk" and "jump" ?

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walk - jump - idle - die , I'll update the page soon 

Thanks for reply!
Are you plan to increase amount of animations (attack, emotions etc) ?

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yes , already this is on my to-do list for version 1.1 , also buyers will get access to all 1.x  versions