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Is it planned to add more animation ? Like walk, or different directions (top, down etc.) ?
What you have here is already very cool, but lack a bit of models (very monster oriented for now) and animations. But 5$ is a good deal !

I'm working on a new 4 directions character and it's portrait, to be added to pixel character creator alongside the old side scrolling character.

Can you please explain the license agreement?

I'm sorry if it's not clear enough, you can use the generated characters in any personal or commercial project, but you can't resell them.
I will provide a more common license when I update the program. Thank you.

Hi! Could I use this tool to create some web logos? Thanks and congrats for your work :) 

Yes you can, and you're welcome. ^^


Hi! When and how will be ble to buy Pixel Designer? Thanks for the info!


Thank you for your question. I'm delighted to inform you that Pixel Designer will indeed be offered as a free update for those who have already purchased it. I truly value your support and want to express my gratitude by providing you the latest version at no additional cost.

Furthermore, I'm excited to share that Pixel Designer will be published by Erlend. His extensive experience and expertise in the industry make him the perfect fit to bring this tool to a wider audience. However, before the official release, Erlend and I will engage in further discussions to ensure that everything is aligned and to address any potential considerations.


Thank you for the info! 


Love this toll for getting inspirations. Every cent is spendend very well for the license.
A future version could also make use of a running up an down animation. :)


A future version is getting to alpha soon, including a basic built-in pixel editor which  will be extended in future releases, once i get everything organized and optimized i will start releasing everything i have made in the past 3 years, am sorry for being late but i just want to confirm that am still fighting for my ideas to come to life and i will never give up, this time am considering all my past mistakes and i'm not giving any big promises again because just one of them cost me three years, Thank you.

hi , i have purchased this and its awsome thanks!!!, will u make the other updates , trees , and tilesets?


i'm working on the update, getting a good progress on both the pixel designer and the pixel editor, will release it once everything is strongly connected and organized, the new workflow will be similar to the previous version for sprite creation with materials and randomization, but with the ability of creating your own sprites by importing sprite sheets for each layer or but drawing them inside the app, creating a pixel editor only is easy since it's just basic but with such a designer it should be unique and follow the sprite workflow, ie. colors indexed in materials and layers with cells ability that can be switched, am so sorry for being so late but 3 years of learning and making the same project again and again without giving up and also focusing on my real life has made me reach a solid ground for the app in Godot 4, also it's planned to be released as a plugin for Godot4 so u can create and edit the sprites inside the engine, thank you ^^

oh this looks amazing , i m looking foward to see it and of course to use it

i am using unreal engine willl it support it?

You can export the sprite as sprite sheet or single frames in a folder with an option to multiply the size of the sprite on export

aha thx ,btw tommorow i will lunch a so simple game just as strart i mentioned u in credits .thx

good luck with your game, i'm waiting to see it ^^

Hi, just purchased it and it's awesome, but can i get the 1.0 version of it?

plz can u send it for me for free because in my country its hard to get paypal or visa card plzzz send it this tool is life changer

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Hi Mounir,

Does the sprites have the same size when they are exported ?
Can i choose the size of each sprite ?
I need to create 32x32 characters


the sprite size is currently 24x24, sadly you will need to import the sprite sheets that you export to aseprite and you change the canvas size to 32x32 , also they are made to fit 16x16 tiles, it's just the hair and the death animation that made me increase the size to 24x24 to have more control over it.


I'm working on the new version now in Godot 4, I have made like 5 projects in godot 3 and everytime i start all over again because it's so hard to manage a large project like this, i will finish the pixel editor and will start working on the pixel designer, i will allow the resizing while exporting so please be patient because it's my first big project on godot and i keep trying again everytime i fail and get things messed up.


Glad to hear there will be a new version.
And good luck with this huge project.
I will follow it for sure.


And for your information i plan to use them in

Thanks for the update!

question- can I use this for commercial?

Yes you can.  When you download the program there is a popup message that tells you explicitly that you can use them in commercial projects, but you can't distribute the art or spritesheets.  If I understand it correctly, you can't give the art away or charge money for the art, but you can generate spritesheets to use in a game that you sell.  Regardless you are good to use them in a commercial game project.


Super good stuff! I used this to design the playable character in my game

It's really cool. What is the music in the background? Did you made the other parts, or you grabbed the tileset, weapon sprites, etc too? How you made the musik adding more and more instrument/vocal by increasing kill? I love it! Rated to 5* :)

Glad you like it. I wrote and produced the music. You can find a link to the track on the game page. Along with the rest of the assets i used. Cheers!

Yep, I found it! Really cool! :)

  • Can you add tumbling animations

As you can see, the creator is nowhere to be found, guess you should do the yourself instead of waiting. I trying to make four direction animation from this too.

Hello there! First off... I love your software. I'm hoping to use the characters in a game I'm making. Say this game is a tower defence game which features the characters, would it be within the licence terms to use a screenshot/video to promote the game? Obviously it will feature several of the characters in an environment but they should be of a size that they can't be robbed from the screenshot/video.

Does this have animations besides an idle animation?

Yes, jump, also you can choose between platform or top down modes (means it casts shadow or not). I don't know if there'll be any updates sadly, as the creato not answering anybody anymore from 160 days ago.

 I will purchase if I see an update I see you are working on this tool, you are answering your messages and that is very good!


hi , i just bought your tool..waiting for a big update soon!

Thank you ^^

Just bought this. Looks good, but the current version was last released almost 2 years ago. 

Are there any plans for an update? Any new features in upcoming versions?

Please let us know. Thanks

I'm working on it everyday for a month now, i have left my main job to be able to focus on it, the new update will allow you to create, import and edit the Images inside the app, it's a huge update and I'm so sorry for being late, thank you.


Thanks for the response :)

No worries mate, I'll wait patiently :)


I'm working on it, sorry for being too late -.-.


how I can open in Mac ?

check this


What are all the animations this Software gives you?

According to the creators post on Youtube video reply: idle - run - jump - die

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I will not buy this for 5 Euros so egregious I will buy this for fu***** 1000 euros because this is just perfect men don't worry if they can wait for a lotr, Harry Potter,dead island,etc they can wait for this  please keep up the very great good work men all love broo!!!

Deleted 2 years ago

this is so entitled, jfc. are you paying this person? do you even know if they're healthy or alive? get over it. the internet is full of unfinished projects. the sadfaces are such nonsense. sorry to all devs that have to put up with comments like this.

Deleted. it was not mean to be offensive, but realised Mounir got into development hell. Meant to encourage Morin to don't give up on development after this,  and I feel sad for this project's unfinished state. Mounir replied to this post, but deleted the answer, so I assume no health problems. "Get over it", see my comments this one is a month old, and my first is nearly a year old. I gave up on this for a while after asking for update release date for months, and meant no harm.  Idk who are you, and don't care, but please before offend anybody and justify me, try to ask for reasons, but for now "get over it"! If I offended Mounir sorry for it, but please behave yourself yewyn!

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@the dev, if you want me to shut up and delete my comments, i will

"development hell" is a term that is used when a project has been delayed indefinitely because of internal factors like a lack of competency, people not being paid, conflicting concepts that have not been resolved, high stress work environments, bad leadership/management, etc.

a single dev not updating their freeware on after a year or however long is not 'development hell.' it's just life.

speaking as a creative writer and a coder, there are few things more irritating than someone blowing up your account, DMs, inbox, comments, whatever repeatedly asking for updates when you don't owe them anything. of course it's lovely that you like a person's project, but projecting your disappointment at their speed in creating it is the worst, most entitled way you can express that. your sadness is irrelevant to my comment and from the way you've described it, asking for updates over and over, it sounds like you've been pestering this dev for a while.

as for behaving: i speak bluntly. you don't have to like that.

Dude  Mounir promised update with big things that don't happened. Get over it like me, and find sy else to fight with over nonse things.

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thank you all, yes the comment was painful because I have been through so many changes in my life and also I'm learning everyday, I have family, life to live like a normal person and I'm working on the project to add [ pixel Editor and animation player ] when I have gone through this I realized that there's still so much to learn to be able to do it at least correctly, the code to draw ellipse can drive anyone crazy and am not that type who will copy and paste code without understanding it, Currently I'm learning C++ alongside with Godot to be able to learn programming correctly to improve my skills, I'm not sad and also you may think for a while [ don't I need money to keep going on this all ? at least to buy myself a better pc and graphics card ? to pay for bills and to hangout like normal persons ? ] surely I do and I'm not going to give up on my dreams, all I have done here is to pack you some sprites that you can have in your game but it's so limited, and all was done in one script so it was so hard to be extended, I'm starting it from the ground and I need to learn more to be proud of myself, thank you all, yes I'm late and I could just have added some more sprites and release the app and you will be happy with it ! but I'm not that type of persons, I want to make you able to [ import - edit - create animations and sprites inside the app - import palettes and to have an extension to the sprite files and also to have online updates ] to do all of that I have to manage how ! and to manage how I should learn more and more everyday, read and create more contents over time whenever the projects needs it ! It's not that easy to connect everything together with only knowledge of Godot 2d and control nodes, I need to learn advanced language like C++ to be able to improve my programming skills ! I'm building it from ground and currently I'm on the half of the way, please be patient the same way I'm patient on this to create an App that can be extended using a game engine, thank you :)

생성된 캐릭터에 대한 저작권은 누가 가지나요?생성된 캐릭터에 대한 저작권은 누가 가지나요?

원하는만큼 무료로 사용할 수 있습니다. 상업 또는 개인 프로젝트에서 

This need new update with custom pieces

already i have made lots of costume pieces and i'm adding a pixel art editor to the app, that's why i'm late and i'm sorry for that , i just want it to have the basic tools of a pixel art editor then i will implement it and publish the app for testing

All this is beautiful man, will it be possible to modify the pixel art of the character maker with your implemented software? I love this, the wait will be worth it, take your time mate

yes you can edit or create new images inside the app , there will be different pixel editors , one for characters and it's animations , another for tilesets and their animations , another one for UI elements and one to create bitmap fonts and each one will focus on it's own job like aseprite and pyxel edit , for the first release i will focus on the character creator and the pixel art editor because they need lot's of work specially on how it should work to create new characters with bigger size like 32x32 and create it's hair and other extras with materials that can be changed for the whole character like the first version , it's a hard job and i don't want to make spaghetti code to be able to update it or fix bugs easily and also a standard extension for saved files that can be shared or moved across the next versions. for example each character will be saved in one file [ character_1.char ] alongside it's layers[character parts] and materials which can be shared later with other users and will allow me to share new characters publicly as files that reads only inside the app.

Deleted 2 years ago


Hi! Any news about the update? I halkted my game and waited for May, as we discussed, but now is August and no news about any update :(

시발 낚였다. 캐릭터 수정 못한다. 색만 바꾸는 거다. 3달러 버리지 말아라

Does this tool work on M1/Big Sur?


Worst thing I did was buy this tool. You can't edit each character, they're points and I can only change the colors, I don't even have access to the graphics. These graphics were already available for (0x72).

Hi! where you found the graphics? What did you exactly mean about "edit? I made the cherecters this too, and edited later.


Please update this! Give the possibility to add custom parts in order to make the software longer-lived, in this way there are few characters, if you give this possibility the software becomes beautiful


Hi, i made a game with your tool... Great work!!!


it looks amazing <3
thanks for sharing


Hi!! Is there anyway you can add a feature to export a HASHMAP/json file that correlates to the sprite file output? This would contain the attributes for each character that is shown on the sprite file in sequence.  This is very helpful for showing attributes on websites



Yeah, I totally curious too, as I halt my project because I wait for the update. Mounir Tohami write about the end of May (see below), but it's already July :(


sorry for being late, i was having exams and was making some other projects while working on the new version, it could be easy to just update the sprites of the old version but i'm making a whole new app from scratch as an update and i will change it's name to pixel designer, you will be able to import and edit all your game assets includes , characters , robots, tilesets, and UI, also thinking about adding a music editor on the later updates and an internal image editor, i will publish the app for testing soon, i'm sorry again for being late.

Will it be a separate app (should we buy again), or really just an update?


just an update but the price will be higher for the new purchases , the developers who have already purchased it will always have the updates for free.

Wow, thank you!


This is really very cool but it needs character updates, I want to advise you to add a setting that allows you to import your own custom model pieces


Sorry for bothering you with this, but when do you planning to release the update you mentioned before?

I just want to know, because I should plan my game developing schedule, and it's dependant on the update.

Thanks for your answer! :)


I'm really sorry for being so late on the release, I was so busy learning Godot for the past few months, I will release it at the end of May because currently, we are working on a 3d strategy game , thank you.

Thanks for your answer, I'll schedule my game project according to this :)

Hi! I am on a mac and I keep getting an error that the app can't be open! Any suggestions there?


extract the app in your Applications directory, then paste this in terminal "cd /Applications/" and press Enter , it should change your directory to /Applications/ , if true then paste this in terminal "chmod -R +x" this will change permission for the folder to Read/Write/Execute, then paste this "sudo spctl --master-disable" and try to double click the app again . if it doesn't work then paste this "chmod 755 /Applications/" and try to run the app again , it should work now and you should enable your master again by pasting this command "sudo spctl --master-enable" , please reply to this comment if the problem was solved , thank you :)


I had this issue. An easier route is to go to settings > security & privacy > general. At the bottom it will say that Character creator tried to open, click on "allow anyway". Note: You must have tried to open it first, and must have admin permissions.

I have bought it.

I hope some update... like new characters, possible to create "battle animation" and other...

The background on this page is killing my eyes :D

(1 edit) (+1)

it took some time to create it in Godot engine, and i was so lazy to recreate it because i didn't save the scene, but don't worry! I will fix that on the future updates by adding more of them running in all directions :D

This looks amazing! Let me know if you ever expand it to also generate back sprites. I'd love to use it to generate sprite sheets for some isometric projects, and would get this in a heartbeat ;-)

I would love backsprites. I imagine it would be easy to implement. Please add!



Hi, Mounir Tohami!

I bought your tool, and so far I love it!

I want to ask you two question:

1. Are you planning to put the different parts (Skin, Clothes, Hats, etc..), on different tabs? Sometimes I don't know what I'm clicking on. A helmet? A cloth?

2. Are you planning to make the helmets individual parrts like the hats? It can help me a lot! :)

3. Are you planning to add any support for community content?

Thank you for your answers!

hello Igaz!
yes i already have designed and separated the beard, horns, hats and accessories from the styles and they will appear on another tab and i'm working on allowing the users to import bodies then add to it their different parts , also i'm adding tilesets and ui elements, and also will make a discord server on the next release , thank you so much for getting in touch.

Thank you! Also one more question: are you planning to make the shadows optional? It's not a big deal to erase them in an image editor, but I think It's worth to ask.


you can switch to platformer mode and they will disappear in preview and export


Thank you, I didn't realised! I'm looking forward to the update! :)

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